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Navigate eLab Create Order Window

Updated: 11/20/2021
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After an eLab order is created, the order will be processed through the Create Order window.

Access eLab Order

  1. Hover over the Clinical icon and click on Labs/Studies. The Labs/Studies page opens.
  2. Click Pending. Pending lab orders displays.
  3. Click Create eLab. The Create Order pop-up window opens.

Navigate Create Order

  1. Order Details: Patient diagnoses, lab(s) request, priority level, and comments entered by the provider in the order.
  2. Search: If necessary, search for and select the test by Name or Order Code.
  3. ICD10: The patient diagnosis auto-populates from the lab order.
  4. Print: Print a PDF of the lab order for the patient or to send a hard copy with a sample to the lab. For Medical patients, the PDF will include an ABN. If a hard copy or ABN is not required, click to clear the selection.
  5. Place Order: Click when all necessary fields are entered to place the eLab order.
  6. Cancel: Click to close the window and to cancel the eLab order. The order will be removed from the Pending tab of Lab/Studies.
  7. Draw at Service Center: Click to select if blood will be drawn at an offsite lab facility.
  8. Draw Date/Time: If necessary, enter the draw date and time.
  9. Ordering Physician: Click to select a physician.
  10. Location: The Main Facility refers to the practice location.
  11. CC: Click to search for and select another provider to receive results for this lab.
  12. Bill To: The lab order is billed to the responsible party listed on the patient’s chart (e.g., insurance). Click to change the responsible party, if desired.
  13. Comment: Click to add an optional comment or instruction for the lab.

  1. Preferred Test List: A custom test list created by the practice for lab tests commonly ordered with the selected lab facility. Click on the test name(s) to add to the order.
  2. Selected Test: The selected lab test(s) to order for the patient.
    • Test Name: The name of the test.
    • RefLab: The name of the lab the order will be sent to.
    • Priority: By default, the priority is set to Routine. Click to select a different priority: Stat, ASAP, or Pre-Op. If there are multiple test in the order, click the down arrow to set the priority for all test.
    • Medical Necessity: For Medical patients, medical necessity is automatically when the order is placed. Select "Print" to generate an ABN.
    • Remove: Click X to remove the test from the order.
    • Test Details: Click the down arrow to view additional details.
  3. Lab Filter: Click to select the lab the order will be sent to.
    Note: If the lab does not appear in the list, it is not set up as an eLab partner with the practice.
  4. Patient Info: Click to view the patient's demographics and insurance information.
  5. Configure: Click to create custom preferences for eLab ordering processing.
  6. Clear Order: Click to reset to the order window to default.
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