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Review and Assign Unmatched Lab Results

Electronic lab results that cannot be matched to a patient or ordering provider display under the Labs and Studies Unmatched tab. These results will need to be manually matched to a patient and ordering provider in Kareo Clinical.

Navigate to Labs/Studies

  1. Click Labs/Studies under Outstanding Items on the Agenda. The Labs/Studies window opens.


  1. Hover over the Clinical icon in the top menu and click Labs/Studies. The Labs/Studies window opens.


C navigate to labs studies.png

Assign Unmatched Lab Results

  1. Click the Unmatched tab on the left menu.
  2. Click Review on the right of the lab line item.

C unmatched labs 1.png

  1. Research and identify which patient belongs to the lab result, and click Match. The Match to Patient window opens.
  2. Enter the patient's first and last name and click Submit. Matching patients list below.
  3. Click Match next to the correct patient name.
  4. Click Match next to the provider’s name and select the correct provider from the drop-down list.
  5. Click Save and Close when finished. The lab displays under the Results Available tab.

C unmatched labs 2.png


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