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eLabs Enrollment Guide

Updated: 05/18/2022
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Kareo Clinical offers the flexibility to go paperless by ordering patient lab test electronically. With electronic lab ordering (eLabs), you can instantly send requests to labs that you choose and receive real-time results that automatically record in the patient's chart.

Download the eLabs Enrollment Guide to get started.

Please Note:

The Enrollments Team does not directly receive status updates of the eLab enrollment request. During this time, the lab and our vendor (LabSoft) are working together to establish the connection.

  • The Enrollments Team is only notified of the confirmation email from LabSoft (that the connection request was received) and when the request is approved (and ready for the testing).
  • The Enrollments Team is not notified of any denied requests. Only the customer is notified of this.
  • If a laboratory does not participate with LabSoft, the Enrollments Team can request an integration, but approval is not guaranteed. The approval is dependent on LabSoft's and/or the laboratory's decision.
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