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Find a Document

The Documents page provides multiple ways to search for a specific document that has been uploaded to your Kareo account.

Access the Documents Page

Hover over the Platform icon and select Documents. The Documents page opens.


Find a Document

Use the search and sort options to narrow results and find a specific document.

  1. Status: Click the drop-down and choose to search All documents or by those with a status of New, In-Process, Processed, or Error.
  2. Begin entering the patient's name, document name, document label, or notes in the search bar and select from the auto-populated results.
  3. Date: By default, the Documents page sorts entries by date, beginning with the most recent. Click the Date column header to search by the earliest date.
  4. Click the Name column header to sort by document name in alphabetical order. Click again to reverse the order.
  5. Click the Label column header to sort by alphabetical order. Click again to reverse the order.




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