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Run Roles and Privileges Audit Trail Report

Updated: 12/23/2022
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The Roles and Privileges Audit Trail report displays changes that were made to user permissions in the Platform and Desktop Application.

Access Clinical Reports

  1. Hover over the Clinical icon and click on Clinical Reports. The Audit Trail report opens.

Run Roles and Privileges Audit Trail Report

  1. Select filters:
    1. Date Range: By default, the date range is set for the previous three months. If desired, select a custom 90 day date range.
    2. Users: By default, "All Users" is selected. If desired, select a specific user from the drop-down list.
    3. Granting User: By default, "All Users" is set. If desired, enter a specific user.
  2. Click Run Report. The Report Results page displays.

Navigate Roles and Privileges Audit Trail Results

  1. Click a column header to sort results.
  2. Click the left and right arrows to navigate to additional pages of messages.
  3. Click Change Criteria to select different filters to run the report.
  4. Click Print Report to generate a PDF of the results. Use the browser's function to print or save the report.
    Note: The report will generate with the default sorting.
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