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Run Patient List Report

The Patient List report is used to generate lists of patients by specific conditions to use for quality improvement, reduction of disparities, research or outreach. Only patients with signed notes are included in the results.


Run a Patient List Report

  1. To access the Reports page, hover over the Clinical icon and select Clinical Reports. The Reports page opens.
  2. Select Patient List from the drop-down menu. The Set Report Criteria page opens.
  1. Select the filter criteria. Leave the fields blank that you don't want to apply to the filter. Click + row to add an additional filter. Click Clear to remove all entries from the filter criteria.
  • Provider: Run the report for all providers or select specific ones from the drop-down list.
  • Last Visited: Select less than (<), greater than (>) or equal to (=) and enter the number of days to filter by last visit date.
  • Problem: Enter the first 3 letters of a problem. Select a problem from the auto-populated results.
  • Medication: Enter the first 3 letters of a medication. Select a medication from the auto-populated results.
  • Allergy: Enter the first 3 letters of an allergy. Select an allergy from the auto-populated results.
  • Preferred Communication: Select a preferred type of communication from the drop-down list.
  • Sex: Select from the drop-down list.
  • Age Range: Enter an age range.
  • Lab Results: Available only to eLab users. Enter the first 3 letters of a lab test. Select a test from the auto-populated results. Select a conditional value and enter a number in the blank field.
  • Patient: Run the report for all patients or enter the name of a specific patient.
  1. Select how you want the results to display.
  • Check the boxes of the data you want included in the final results.
  • Click Reset to remove selections.
  1. When finished selecting criteria, click Run Report. The Report Results page displays.
  2. If desired, click on the Name columns to sort the patient list by first or last name.
  3. To print the report, click Print Report at the bottom of the page. The results display in PDF. Click the printer icon in the top taskbar and follow the prompts for your printer device.
  4. Click Change Criteria to adjust the input data for the report.
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