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Objectives and Measures

Updated: 05/12/2022
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Warning_Icon.png Due to the end of the Medicaid Promoting Interoperability Program, the Medicaid Promoting Interoperability Dashboard and supporting documentation will be deprecated by June 30, 2022. Visit the CMS website for additional details about the end of the program.

Stage 3 Objectives and Measures

Eligible providers (EPs) are required to report data on eight Objectives. Each objective may have multiple measures. Eligible providers who are first-time participants must report data on a 90 day reporting period. Medicaid eligible participants who are returning to the Medicaid PI program must report data for a full calendar year. Eligible providers might be required to participate in the CMS Quality Payment Program, MACRA.

For state specific attestation and registration deadlines and information about the Medicaid State Program, download the Medicaid State Program Links PDF and select the website for your state.



Protect Patient Health Information Conduct a Security Risk Analysis
Electronic Prescribing Permissible prescriptions are queried for a drug formulary and transmitted electronically (eRx)
Clinical Decision Support Implement five clinical decision support interventions
Enable the functionality for drug-drug & drug-allergy interaction checks
Computerized Provider Order Entry Medication, lab and diagnostic imaging orders are entered by a licensed healthcare professional, or a credentialed medical staff member.
Patient Electronic Access Provide patients timely electronic access to their health information and patient-specific education
Coordination of Care through Patient Engagement Patients actively engage with the EP via the patient portal by: View, Download or transmit their health information; or use of an API or a combination of both
The EP sends a secure message via the patient portal
Patient generated health data is incorporated into the CEHRT
Health Information Exchange Provide a Summary of Care when transitioning or referring a patient
Receives or retrieves a Summary of Care upon receipt of a new patient
Reconcile medications, medication allergies and problem list
*Public Health Reporting Immunization Registry Reporting
Syndromic Surveillance Reporting

* Kareo supports data submission to state Immunization and Syndromic Surveillance Public Registries.