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Attestation and Audits

Updated: 05/12/2022
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Warning_Icon.png Due to the end of the Medicaid Promoting Interoperability Program, the Medicaid Promoting Interoperability Dashboard and supporting documentation will be deprecated by June 30, 2022. Visit the CMS website for additional details about the end of the program.

Providers attesting for the Medicaid Promoting Interoperability program are required to submit their attestation data via their state attestation website. Attestation submission periods and deadlines vary by state. And all attesting providers are subject to CMS Incentive Program audits.


Eligible providers who are ready for attestation should collect and save all supporting documentation for a minimum of six years. Documentation should include:

  • Documentation supporting patient volume data
  • An EHR vendor contract or agreement
  • An EHR vendor verification letter
  • Purchase order
  • Screenshots
  • Final report for met objectives and measures
  • Final report for met clinical quality measures
  • A Security Risk Assessment
  • Screenshot of drug and drug-allergy interaction checks
  • Immunization registry active engagement documentation (if applicable)
  • Syndromic Surveillance active engagement documentation (if applicable)
  • Specialized registry active engagement documentation (if applicable)


Eligible providers who are first-time participants must report data on a 90- day reporting period. Medicaid eligible participants who are returning to the Medicaid PI program must report data for a full calendar year.

Due to yearly updates to CMS Incentive Programs, your EHR vendor is obligated to implement upgrades that will enable providers to have an EHR that includes all the system capabilities required to meet the various program requirements. For this reason, our dashboards are unable to reproduce exact data on reports ran for a previous attestation.

Kareo recommends that all supporting documentation should be saved in at least two versions: an electronic version such as a shared folder or a folder in the provider’s computer, and a hardcopy such as a three-ring binder.

Review the EHR Incentive Program Audit FAQ for additional information.

For state specific attestation and registration deadlines and information about the Medicaid PI program contact your state attestation website. Review the Medicaid State Program Links PDF and select the website indicated for your state.


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