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Quality Measures Dashboard

Updated: 08/14/2020
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The Quality Measures Dashboard monitors a clinician’s progress toward the reporting of the Quality category of the MIPS program and the Medicaid Promoting Interoperability program.

MIPS: The Quality category is one of the four MIPS categories that determine a clinician’s overall score for Medicare reimbursement.  This category accounts for 45% of the clinician’s overall MIPS score.  This percentage can change due to a clinician’s Special Status, reweighing of other performance categories, exception applications or Alternative Payment Model (APM) participation.

Data for this category must be reported for a full calendar year. Eligible clinicians must report data on any six quality measures related to their specialty, including one outcome measure or one high-priority measure.

APM: An APM, is assigned the quality measures that they need to report to CMS. They are assigned by the APM administrator,  such as a hospital or medical center.

Medicaid Promoting Interoperability (formerly Meaningful Use): Medicaid eligible participants who are first-time participants must report data on a 90- day reporting period.  Medicaid eligible participants who are returning to the Medicaid PI program must report data for a full calendar year.  Eligible participants must report data on any six quality measures related to their scope of practice, including one outcome measure or one high-priority measure.

Also see our latest Quality Measures Dashboard video tutorial.


Access the Dashboard

  1. Hover over the Clinical icon and click on Quality Measures. The Quality Measures page opens.
  2. Click to learn more about the measure and determine eligibility.
  3. Click I'm ready to select my measures to select measures. The Measure Selection page opens.

Measure Selection

Select up to six measures for each clinician; including one outcome measure or one high-priority measure.

  1. Select a Provider from the drop-down menu.
  2. Select a Specialty from the drop-down to view suggested measures for that specialty.
    • If your specialty is not available, select All Specialties from the drop-down.
  3. Click + Select to select the measure.
    • Click on the measure name to view additional details.
  4. Click Selected Measures to view all selected measures.
    • Click Remove to deselect the measure.
  5. Click Save when finished.

The Quality Measure Setup only needs to be completed once per provider.


Navigate Quality Measure Dashboard

The Quality Measures dashboard tracks a clinician’s progress on health care processes, outcomes, and patient experiences of their care.  Once measures are selected for a clinician, a System Administrator or Provider can run a report.

  1. Provider: Select the attesting provider to open their dashboard.
  2. Reporting Period:  The reporting period defaults from January 1 to today.  Select a custom date range as needed.
  3. Run Report: Click to start generating a report. When the report is ready, a notification will be sent to Messages.
  4. Edit Measure Selection: Click to add or remove quality measures.
  5. Reports: Log of when reports are generated for the Provider, Reporting Period, when it was Generated, and the Status. Once the status is Ready, click to open the Quality Report.
    • Status shows Pending when a report is generating.
    • Status shows Ready when a report is generated.
    • Status shows Outdated on previously generated reports and a new report is available.
    • Status shows Error when:
      • The report did not generate properly. Click Run Report to generate a new report.
      • The selected provider does not have signed notes.

Quality Report

The generated report displays the provider's name, the reporting date, and when it was generated on.  Each selected quality measure displays with a description, a breakdown of the measurement details, and performance score.

  1. Print: Click to print the report. The PDF can be used to submit the quality measures to CMS. Contact a qualified registry for assistance.
  2. Resources: Click on the different programs to learn more about the submission requirements.
    • Click on Help Center to learn more about the Quality Measures Kareo supports.
  3. View Details: Click to view the list of patients for the measure. Filter the patients by All Patients, Eligible Patients, Excepted Patients, Excluded Patients, Patients Who Meet the Measure, and Patients Who Don't Meet the Measure.
    • When available, add an exception for a patient to remove the them from the denominator. Patients should only be excepted when they truly meet the criteria to be excepted.
  4. Tell me how I can improve: Click to learn more about the measure.
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