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Medicare Promoting Interoperability (MIPS) Dashboard

Updated: 01/14/2021
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The Medicare Promoting Interoperability Dashboard is an easy way for clinicians to track their progress during a reporting period for the Promoting Interoperability (PI) category. The Promoting Interoperability category composes 25% of the MIPS composite score. Kareo's MIPS dashboard can be used for insight into whether sufficient points have been collected towards Promoting Interoperability.

Navigate the MIPS Dashboard

  1. Hover over the Clinical icon and click on Medicare Promoting Interoperability (MIPS). The Medicare Promoting Interoperability (MIPS) page opens.
  2. Navigate the dashboard:
    1. Provider: Select a provider to open their dashboard.
    2. Period: Reporting period set for the current calendar year. Select a custom date range as needed.
    3. Update: Click to refresh the data and show the Total Score.
      Note: The Total Score will only calculate after the mandatory Security Risk Analysis measure has been met.
    4. Print: Click to generate a PDF of the report in a new tab. Download, Print, or Save a final copy of the report for attestation/audit.
    5. Claim Exclusions: Select applicable exclusions for the provider.
    6. Measure by Objective: Click to view additional details.
    7. Performance: Progress achieved toward the measure.
      • When the measure for Security Risk Analysis, Bonus: Query of PMDP, Immunization Registry Reporting, or Syndromic Surveillance Reporting is met, select Yes from the drop-down. Then, click Update to refresh the score.
    8. Score: How many points has been earned for the measure.
    9. Possible Score: Maximum possible points for the measure.

Claim Exclusions

  1. Click Claim Exclusions. The Claim Exclusions pop-up window opens.
  2. Click on e-Prescribing, HIE, or Public Health to view additional details.
    1. Click to select the exclusion.
    2. Click to learn how claim an exclusion will impact your score.
  3. Click Done once all applicable exclusions are selected.
  4. Click Update to refresh the data.

Measure by Objective

  1. Click on a measure objective. The measure objective pop-up window opens.
  2. Additional Details:
    1. How is my score calculated: Click to view how the score is calculated for each measure.
    2. Denominator: Displays the total number of patients eligible for the measure.
    3. Numerator: Displays the number of patients who met the measure.
    4. Gap List: Displays the list of patients who did not meet the measure.
    5. Patient: Click to access their chart.
    6. Tell me how I can improve: Click to view the measure's guide.
  3. Click Done to close the window.