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Add Exception for Quality Measure

Updated: 08/14/2020
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A clinician’s quality performance score is impacted by many factors including performance met, meaning the quality action was completed as indicated in the measure specification for each measure.  Many measures also have exclusions and or exceptions factored into the performance algorithm.

A Denominator Exception removes a patient from the performance denominator only if the numerator criteria are not met as indicated by the exception.  When a patient meets the criteria to be counted in the dominator, but the patient also meets the criteria allowed in the measure and can be excepted, the provider may manually except the patient right from the Quality Measure Dashboard.

Access the Dashboard

  1. Hover over the Clinical icon and click on Quality Measures. The Quality Measures page opens.
  2. Select the attesting Provider to open their dashboard.
  3. Click to view the generated report. The Quality Report page opens.
    • If the report has not been generated,  select the reporting period and click Run Report. When the report is ready, a notification will be sent to Messages.

Add Exception

Patients should only be excepted when they truly meet the criteria to be excepted. Exception reasons falls into three categories: System Reasons, Patient Reasons, and Medical Reasons.

  1. Click View Details on the necessary measure. The patient list opens.
  2. Click the View drop-down menu and select Patients Who Don't Meet the Measure.
  3. Click Add Exception. The Add Exception pop-up window opens.
  4. Select an Exception Reason from the drop-down. The reasons will vary depending on the measure.
  5. Click Done when finished. A green confirmation message displays.

Rerun the report to reflect the added exception on the Quality Report.



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