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Meaningful Use Dashboard

The Meaningful Use Dashboard is an easy way for providers to track their progress during a reporting period for Meaningful Use attestation. The dashboard can be used for quick insight into measures. 

In October 2015, CMS released what is known as the Final Rule. This removed redundant measures, and combined what was previously known as Stage 1 and Stage 2 into one stage known as Modified Stage 2.

Access the Dashboard

1. Select the Clinical icon and choose Meaningful Use.

2. On the Meaningful Use Dashboard that appears, customize by choosing from the ProviderStage, and Period dropdowns.  MeaningfulUseDashboard1.png






a. Provider: The provider who is attesting for Meaningful Use. Objective progress is tracked by each provider separately.

b. Stage: Attesting providers are either New or Returning clients- it depends on if they have ever attested before. Choose the appropriate option to adjust the reporting period                   reflected on the dashboard.

     New: Providers who have never attested before. Reporting period is 90 consecutive days.

     Returning: Providers who have attested before. Reporting period is the full calendar year.

c. Period: The date range that the provider is attesting or reporting on. This period will be updated based on the option chosen under Stage. 

Understanding the Dashboard 

a. Progress Circle: Indicates where the attesting provider is towards meeting objective thresholds. The Progress Circle is related to the satisfaction of the measures found in the Satisfied column. 

b. Objectives

  1. Protect Patient Health Information
  2. Clinical Decision Support
  3. Computerized Provider Order Entry
  4. Electronic Prescribing
  5. Health Information Exchange
  6. Patient Specific Education
  7. Medication Reconciliation
  8. Patient Electronic Access (VDT)
  9. Secure Messaging
  10. Public Health Reporting     

c. Satisfied: Objectives without thresholds, where the attesting provider answers "Yes" or "No", will appear as a dropdown in this section. 

                     Objectives with thresholds will display in this column, and track the progress to where the provider is in meeting the thresholds contained within the measure.

Objective Details

MeaningfulUseDashboard3.pngClicking on an objective name in blue will open up an additional window of information within the page. This additional window will include:

a. Objective: Brief description on what this objective is pertaining to.

b. Measure: Definition from CMS on what this measure means. 

c. Goal: Threshold that the provider needs to meet in order to attest for that objective successfully. 

d. Numerator/Denominator: Numerator is how many patients are contributing to meeting the threshold, while the denominator is the patient base that the threshold is based on.

e. Current %: What percentage of the threshold (out of 100%) that the provider is currently meeting.

f. Patient Gaps: Patients that are included in the denominator for this measure, but not contributing to the numerator.

g. Additional Information: A video tutorial on performing that particular measure in Kareo, along with Helpful Resources to assist you further.