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MIPS Quality Measures Dashboard

The MIPS Quality Measures Dashboard monitors a clinician’s progress toward the reporting of the Quality category of the MIPS program.  The Quality category is one of the three MIPS categories that determine a clinician’s overall score for Medicare reimbursement.  This category accounts for 60% of the clinician’s overall score.

The dashboard is visible for Administrators and Providers.

Also see our latest Quality Measures Dashboard video tutorial.

Access the Dashboard

Select the Clinical icon from the top menu, and choose Quality Measures. You will reach the Quality Measure Setup screen if you are a first time visitor. Otherwise you will reach the  Measure Selection screen.

Quality Measure Setup

For first time users, complete each step before selecting measures.

Measure Selection

Measures selection must be completed for each provider. The provider can select up to 6 measures, including 1 outcome measure. Outcome measure are measures that determine the health of your patients from objective data sources such as lab results. If outcome measure do not exist for your specialty, select a high priority measure instead.

a. Provider: Select the provider name from the drop-down.

b. Specialty: Select a specialty from the drop-down to view suggested measures for that specialty. If those measures do not work best for you, select All Specialties from the drop-down and select your preferred measures.

c. Measures: Each measure includes a link to a window with further description and resources to aid in selection and completion of the measure.

d. + Select: Click the button next to each measure you choose. If you later decide to remove a measure from your list, navigate to the Selected Measures tab on the top of the screen and click the Remove button next to remove the measure from your list.

e. Save: Click Save once you've put together your list of measures. This will take you to the Quality Dashboard screen.  Once you're on the Quality Dashboard, you may return to the Measure Selection screen to make changes at any time.

Understand the Quality Measures Dashboard


  1. Provider: Select the provider.
  2. Reporting Period: Select the reporting date range. The time period defaults from January 1st to today, but may be adjusted to a custom time period.
  3. Run Report: Click the button to begin the report generation process. Once the report is generated and ready, you will be notified via in-app messaging.
  4. Edit Measure Selection: Click anytime to return to the Measure Selection screen.
  5. Generated Report: Click on the table row to view the generated report. The Quality Report window will open. 

Quality Measure Report

Each selected report measure will display in a white box with a description, performance score, and a breakdown of the measurement details.

Click View Details to view the Patient Gap List for a list of patient names that did not meet the measurement. This list allows you to add an exclusion reason for a patient that does not meet the measure into Kareo. Marking a patient as excluded, and providing an exception reason, will remove that patient from the denominator, thereby improving the score.

Click Tell me how I can improve to view the measurement guide.

Administrators and clinicians can learn more about MIPS and Quality Reporting from the Resources section in the right sidebar.