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MIPS Advancing Care Dashboard

The Merit-Based Incentive Payment Program (MIPS) Advancing Care Dashboard is an easy way for clinicians to track their progress during a reporting period for the Advancing Care  Information (ACI) category. The Advancing Care Information category composes 25% of the MIPS composite score. Kareo's MIPS dashboard can be used for insight into whether sufficient points have been collected towards Advancing Care Information. 

This dashboard tracks how you're doing in the three subcategories of the Advancing Care Information (ACI) category: base, performance and bonus. The dashboard will always reflect the most current information.

Access the Dashboard

1. Select the Clinical icon from the top menu, and choose MIPS Advancing Care.

2. On the MIPS Advancing Care Dashboard that appears, customize by choosing from the Provider and Period drop-downs.  


a. Provider: The provider who is attesting for MIPS. Progress is tracked by each provider separately.

b. Period: The date range the provider is reporting on. The time period defaults from January 1st to today, but may be adjusted to the time period of your choice. Then click Update.

c. Download: Generate your selected report in a new web page. This is important to download, and save to an Attestation folder on your computer, right before you complete and submit your attestation next year. 


Understanding the Dashboard Scores

a. Total Score: The current score towards earning ACI credit. The maximum score is 155, but every clinician is capped at 100. 

b. Progress Circle: Indicates where the attesting provider is towards earning the maximum score of 155. The Progress Circle is related to the satisfaction of the measures found in the Satisfied column. 

c. Base Score: The score includes the 4 required measures for 2017. All 4 base score activities must be complete, or you cannot report any of the remaining measures, and will not meet the requirements for ACI. 

d. Performance Score: Measures under Performance Score are additional points, and are helpful to reach 100.

e. Bonus Score: Bonus points are earned for submitting to one or more public health or clinical data registries, and by using a certified EHR.

Base Score

The base score contains the 4 required measures for 2017.

1. Manually select Yes from the drop-down once you have completed a security risk analysis, as explained in the pop-up window. The other three measures will automatically update to Yes once a measure is completed at least once.

2. Clicking on an objective name in blue will open an additional window of information within the page.

This additional window may include:

a. Requirement Indicator: The label indicates whether the measure is met (green), or not met (red).

b. Objective: Definition from CMS on what this measure means. 

c. Measure Threshold that the provider needs to meet in order to attest for that objective successfully. 

d. Exclusion: (optional) An exclusion to the measure that may apply to you.

e. Helpful Resources: Additional links to outside resources or to learn more on the Help Center.











Performance Score

Display of how well you are doing in each optional performance category.


a. Measures: Description of each optional measurement. Click the  icon to open a new window with further information on the objective of the measure, how the score is calculated, and helpful resources.

b. Met Requirements: Yes or No status which rolls up into the dashboard score.

c. Performance Rate: Percentage and progress achieved toward the measure. The rate is automatically calculated.

d. Score: A score of up to 10/10 or 20/20. The scoring allows you to see which measures are ranked higher. The clinician is awarded 2 points of every 10% performance rate.

e. Gap List: Download a list of patient names that were not included in the measurement. This list allows you to take steps and make adjustments in patient charts to bring additional patients into the measurement.

Bonus Score

These measures are considered public health reporting bonus points because not all practices have a way to participate.



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