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2019 Point Scoring System

Updated: 10/21/2019
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Clinicians can earn points in 4 performance categories: Quality, Promoting Interoperability (PI), Improvement Activities (IA) and Cost.  The amount of points submitted can affect the future payments for covered professional services furnished by MIPS eligible clinicians.  Each category has a specific weight and performance on these contribute to the MIPS final score.


Total Points Submitted

There is a positive or negative 7% payment adjustment assigned to the 2019 performance year.  The total amount of points earned will determine if a clinician will receive a negative, neutral or positive payment adjustment.

  • Positive MIPS payment adjustment (subject to a scaling factor to preserve budget neutrality)
  • Eligible for additional positive payment adjustment for exceptional performance (subject to scaling factor to account for available funds)


  • Positive MIPS payment Adjustment (subject to a subject to a scaling factor to preserve budget neutrality)
  • Not eligible for additional positive adjustment for exceptional performance


  • Neutral MIPS payment Adjustment is 0%


  • Negative MIPS payment adjustment greater than -7% and less than 0%


  • Negative MIPS Payment Adjustment of -7%

What can impact a score?

The total amount of points earned by a clinician can be impacted for many reasons including:

  • Special Status
  • Complex Patients
  • Submitting additional High-Priority or Outcome measures
  • National Benchmarks
  • Reweighting Performance Categories


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