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Patient-Specific Education

The MIPS eligible clinician provides patients (or patient-authorized representative) with timely electronic access to their health information and patient-specific education.

Patient-Specific Education Measure:  

The MIPS eligible clinician must use clinically relevant information from CEHRT to identify patient-specific educational resources and provide access to those materials to at least one unique patient seen by the MIPS eligible clinician.

Attestation:       Report Denominator and Numerator

Denominator:   The number of unique patients seen by the MIPS eligible clinician during the performance period.

  • Create a Note detailing the patient’s office visit.  See Create a Note.
  • Sign the Note.  See Sign Notes. 

Numerator:       The number of unique patients in the denominator who were provided electronic access to patient-specific educational resources using clinically relevant information identified from CEHRT during the performance period.

Required for Base Score:            No

Performance Score Weight:      Up to 10%

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