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Medication Reconciliation

Medication Reconciliation Measure:  

The MIPS eligible clinician performs medication reconciliation for at least one transition of care in which the patient is transitioned into the care of the MIPS eligible clinician.

Attestation:       Report Denominator and Numerator

Denominator:   Number of transitions of care or referrals during the performance period for which the MIPS eligible clinician was the recipient of the transition or referral or has never before encountered the patient.

  • Create a Note detailing the patient’s office visit.  See Create a Note.
  • Check Receiving at the bottom of a Note to indicate this is a new patient or recipient of a transition or referral.
  • Sign the Note.  See Sign Notes. 

Numerator:       The number of transitions of care or referrals in the denominator where the following three clinical information reconciliations were performed:  medication list, Medication allergy list, and current problem list.

(For 2017, only the medication list needs to be reconciled)

  • Provider must document that the medication reconciliation was completed while still in the patient’s note.  See Document a Medication Reconciliation For Meaningful Use Reporting.

Required for Base Score:            No

Performance Score Weight:      Up to 10%

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