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HIE: Send Health Information

Updated: 11/18/2021
Views: 2014

Health Information Exchange: Support Electronic Referral Loops by Sending Health Information

For at least one transition of care or referral, the MIPS eligible clinician that transitions or refers their patient to another setting of care or health care provider— (1) creates a summary of care record using certified electronic health record technology (CEHRT); and (2) electronically exchanges the summary of care record.

Denominator: Number of transitions of care and referrals during the performance period for which the MIPS eligible clinician was the transferring or referring health care clinician.
  • Create a note detailing the patient’s office visit.
  • Click to select "Transferring" at the bottom of a note to indicate a referral is being sent.
Numerator: The number of transitions of care and referrals in the denominator where a summary of care record was created using CEHRT and exchanged electronically.
  • From the bottom of the note, Click Care Coordination and select Send Referral.
    • Select Direct Message (eFax does not count for this measure)
    • Click to select or deselect any items. The "Summary of Care" box cannot be deselected.
    • Click Send Message.
    • Click Find in Directory and search for the receiving provider or medical entity the patient is being referred to.
    • If necessary, edit the default message.
    • Click Send.
  • Complete and sign the note.


Exclusion: Any MIPS eligible clinician who transfers a patient to another setting or refers a patient fewer than 100 times during the performance period.

If an exclusion is claimed, CMS has not defined how the points will be redistributed.
Performance Score Weight: 20 points
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