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CMS 156 - Use of High-Risk Medications in Older Adults

Updated: 12/09/2021
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CMS 156 / Quality ID #238

Percentage of patients 65 years of age and older who were ordered at least two of the same high-risk medications.

Denominator: All patients aged 65 years and older who had a visit during the measurement period.
  • Patient’s age is calculated based on the patient’s Date of Birth, which was entered when you created the patient’s account.
  • Create a note detailing the patient’s office visit.
Denominator Exclusions: If patient was in Hospice during the measurement period:
Numerator 1: Patients with at least two orders for the same high-risk medication on different days during the measurement period.
  • High risk medications are prescribed under Medications.
Office Visit Documentation:

Once all steps have been completed, the measure will be added to the Quality Measures Report.

Measure type: Process
High Priority Measure: Yes
Telehealth Eligible: Yes