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Preventive Care and Screening: Screening for High Blood Pressure and Follow-up Documented

Percentage of patients aged 18 years and older seen during the reporting period who were screened for high blood pressure AND a recommended follow-up plan is documented based on the current blood pressure (BP) reading as indicated


Denominator:    All patients aged 18 years and older.

  • Patient’s age is calculated based on the patient’s Date of Birth, which is entered when you created the patient’s account.


Denominator Exceptions:

  • If Hypertension is documented in the Problem List, each with a Start Date, these patients will be excluded from the denominator.


Numerator:  Patients who were screened for high blood pressure AND have a recommended follow-up plan documented, as indicated, if the blood pressure is pre-hypertensive or hypertensive.

  • Blood Pressure are entered in Vitals
  • High Blood Pressure & Follow-up (Age 18+): Follow-up plan provided for BP >=140/90 mmHg is documented under Care Checklist on the date that it was discussed with the patient which should be the date of the note.
  • ECG 12 Lead Study and/or Laboratory Tests for Hypertension is ordered under Labs/Studies


Numerator Exclusions:

  • If there was a Medical, Patient or System Reason for not providing a topical preparation, please indicate on the Exclusion Section.  See How to document an exclusion.


Office Visit Documentation:

  • Create a Note detailing the patient’s office visit.  See Create a Note.
  • Make sure to include an E&M code under “Procedure Codes” on the Superbill.  See Create a Superbill.
  • Sign the Note.  See Sign Notes.  Once the note is signed, the measure will be added to the Quality Report.
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