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Diabetes: Foot Exam

Percentage of patients 18-75 years of age with diabetes (type 1 and type 2) who had a foot exam (visual inspection and sensory exam with mono filament and a pulse exam) during the measurement period.


Denominator:    All patients aged 18-75 years of age with diabetes with a visit during the measurement period.

  • Patient’s age is calculated based on the patient’s Date of Birth, which is entered when you created the patient’s account.
  • The diagnosis of Diabetes is entered in the patient’s Problem List.  See Add Problem to Patient’s Chart.
  • Make sure to add a Start Date to the problem.


Denominator Exceptions

  • If Bilateral amputation of leg below or above knee, Right Unilateral Amputation Above or Below, Left Unilateral Amputation Above or Below Knee is documented in the Problem List, with a Start Date, these patients will be excluded from the denominator.


Numerator:  Patients who received visual, pulse and sensory foot examinations during the measurement period.

  • Diabetic Foot Exam (Age 18-75): Visual, sensory and pulse foot exam performed is documented under Care Checklist on the date that it was performed which should be the date of the note.


Office Visit Documentation:

  • Create a Note detailing the patient’s office visit.  See Create a Note.
  • Make sure to include an E&M code under “Procedure Codes” on the Superbill.  See Create a Superbill.
  • Sign the Note.  See Sign Notes.  Once the note is signed, the measure will be added to the Quality Report
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