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New Capitated Account

To create a new capitated account and apply a payment

  1. Click Encounters > New Capitated Account.

Note: To avoid duplication, a best practice is to first search the capitated account database to see if the capitated account already exists in the system.

  1. If the capitated account is not in the system, click New at the bottom.
  2. Enter information:
  • Account Name: Enter the name for the capitated account.
  • Memo: Optional. Enter any notes that may apply to the account.
  1. Select one or more payments that are associated with the capitated account and apply an amount to each payment:
  • Click Add at the bottom. The Select Payment window opens.
  • Locate the payment that is associated with the capitated account; double-click on it to select.
  • Click in the field under the Capitated Amount column. Enter the amount from the payment that is to be applied to the capitated account and press Enter on your keyboard.
  • Repeat this step to add all or a portion of another payment to the account.
  1. Click Save.
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