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Kareo Help Center

Manage your Account

You can make changes at any time to your billing address, payment information and account cancelation, all through the Help menu in the Kareo PM application.

To make changes to your account

  1. Click Help > Manage Account.
  2. Click any of the following:
  • Change Billing Address
    • Enter your new billing address that you would like Kareo PM to use when mailing the monthly invoice for your Kareo PM Account.
  • Change Payment Information
    • Enter the new payment information that you would like Kareo PM to use to process monthly payments on your Kareo PM account.

Note: Kareo PM cannot process payments with the changes you make unless the name on card and address match the information on file at your credit card company or bank. To avoid an interruption in your service, please enter this information carefully.

  • Cancel My Account
    • Cancels your account, and all users will no longer have access to your practice and company information.
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