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API and Integration

Kareo Web Services API interacts with third-party applications, giving developers the ability to build computer programs that access Kareo data and functionality.

Kareo Web Services API enables you to perform the following operations:

  • Retrieve data from five different types of records in Kareo, including appointments, charges, patients, providers, and transactions
  • Insert new records for two different types of records in Kareo, including patients and encounters

Use Kareo Web Services API to:

  • Integrate patient and charge data from an electronic medical records (EMR) system with Kareo
  • Interface financial data to be exported into an accounting system, such as QuickBooks
  • Interface with a third-party appointment reminder system
  • Create your own computer programs to import data into Kareo
  • And much more… 

Note that Kareo API documentation is written for IT professionals or software developers. It is not intended for non-technical system users. If you are a Kareo customer, please share this documentation with your IT staff or system developer. 

Learn more about Kareo Web Services API in the support materials below.

API and Integration
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