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Post Bonus Payment

In order to post bonus payments:

  1. Create a dummy patient record, perhaps naming it "Insurance Bonus".
  2. Create a new procedure code, naming it "Bonus".
  3. Create a new diagnosis code, naming it "Bonus".

After creating the new codes, log out and back into Kareo, so they will be available for selection.

Once logged in:

  1. Create a new encounter for the dummy patient.
  2. The payment date may be entered as the service dates.
  3. In the Procedure field, enter the "Bonus" procedure code.
  4. In the Unit Charge field, enter the bonus payment amount.
  5. In the Diag 1 field, enter the "Bonus" diagnosis code.
  6. Click Approve
  7. Post the payment:
  • If the payment has already been created, go to Find Payment or F10.
    • Locate and double click on the payment in which the bonus payment is included. 
  • If the payment has not been created, go to Receive Payment or F5.
    • Enter the general payment information
  1. Click Apply Now.
  2. Add the encounter to the payment.
  3. Under the Simple (EOB) tab, enter the bonus payment amount in the Allowed field.
  4. Tab to the Paid field and enter the same bonus payment amount.
  5. Tab once more and the claim should settle.
  6. Click Save.
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