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Patient Payments FAQs


What other charges are there?
None! Unlike some other payment services, we have no monthly, signup, or additional fees.

Why does the lower rate require card security codes (CVC/CVV), and the higher one does not?
The CVC/CVV code on the back of a credit card is used to ensure the highest level of security when charging a card in person. This additional information is what allows us to charge you the lower rate.

Why are there two rates?
Credit card processors charge more when you don't have access to the physical credit card. Therefore, you get a lower rate when the patient (and his/her credit card) are there.

When do I see my money?
Stripe will deposit the payment (minus the transaction fees) into your bank account 7 days after the date of the transaction. If you want to see when specific transactions will be deposited, log in to your stripe account for that information.

Can I take payments over the phone?
Yes, you can take payments over the phone, but you will need to use the 3.9% + 30 cent rate.

What is "Card on File"?
“Card on File” is typically used to describe a payment arrangement that doesn’t require the physical presence of the customer, and doesn’t require the customer’s signature.

Can't I just write down the CVV code and use the 2.3% + 30 cent rate all the time?
You should never write down credit card numbers or CVV codes. A written number, even when locked in your office can pose a serious security risk to your patients. 

What if I save the same credit card more than once?
Right now it will be saved as a new card. In the next few weeks we will release an update that will detect this, and only let you save the same card once. 


Do I need to have the patient sign something to charge their card when they are not present?
Yes, you need a patient's written permission to take a payment from them when they are not present. We provide a template you can use for this type of authorization here.


How do I see my transaction history in Stripe?
Log in to Stripe using the password you created during sign-up. This will allow you to view your transaction history, refund payments, view deposits, and manage chargebacks. 

How do I process a refund? And if I process the refund, will this automatically reflect in Kareo? (And if not, what do I need to do to reconcile everything?)
If you need to refund money to a patient, you can log in to Stripe, then find your transaction under the "Payments" section. At that point you have refunded the patient's money, but you still need to go into Kareo Practice Management and adjust the payment back out. 

What do I do if a patient issues a chargeback?
If a patient issues a chargeback, you (the practice) will need to refund the charges in Kareo Practice Management and then check Stripe for the chargeback details.

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