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Prepare and Send Patient Statements

As part of monthly closing activities, patient statements can be prepared and submitted through the clearinghouse for mailing or you can batch print patient statements.

The mailing of patient statements is handled by PSC Info Group, a secure third party clearinghouse. Enrollment in patient statement services is not required; simply submit patient statements directly from the Patient Statements wizard (see below). Note that the first time you want to submit a batch of statements for a practice, you must first configure the patient statement options. This includes scenarios where the remit-to address is a PO Box; in this instance, there are two settings you need to make to ensure that your PO Box remit-to address is the one that appears on patient statements.

Before submitting a batch of statements for a practice, you must first configure the patient statement options.

Prepare Patient Statements 

After preparing your patient statements, send your patient statement batch to the mailing house for printing and mailing.

  1. Click Send Statements at the bottom of the Find Claim window. The Send Patient Statement wizard opens.

Information on this page pre-populates with Default Batch Options set in Patient Statement Options.

  1. Review and change statement criteria, if necessary.
  • Days Between Statements: Enter the default setting for the number of days between statements (typically 30 days).
  • Minimum Balance: Enter the minimum balance that must be met in order to prompt a patient statement, formatted as "$0.00."
  • Max Statements Sent: Enter the maximum number of statements sent to a patient who has not made a payment. If you do not wish to set a maximum, enter the number 99 — do not enter 0.
  1. Review and change statement billing sequence, if necessary.
    • Print only: Only printed statements are sent to patients.
    • Email and print concurrently: Both an email and a printed statement are sent to the patient at the same time.
    • Email only: Only email statements are sent to patients.

      Note: Email option is only available on accounts where Stripe has been activated.
  2. Click Show Patients. A list of patients who meet the criteria is generated.
  1. Review the list of patients and information. To exclude a specific patient from receiving a statement, click and clear the checkbox to the left of the patient's name.
    • Use the Look For field to search for specific patients by name or collection category.
    • Sort by: patient name, last statement, patient balance, unapplied balance, and collection category.
  2. Click Send Patient Statements to submit for mailing. The statements will be printed and mailed within 24 hours; you will receive a confirmation report, viewable under the Patient Statements tab of the Clearinghouse Reports. Or click Print Patient Statements to print statements. Statements will open using Adobe Reader and are then ready to send to your printer.