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Prepare and Send Patient Statements

As part of monthly closing activities, patient statements can be prepared and submitted through the clearinghouse for mailing or you can batch print patient statements.

The mailing of patient statements is handled by PSC Info Group, a secure third party clearinghouse. Enrollment in patient statement services is not required; simply submit patient statements directly from the Patient Statements wizard (see below). Note that the first time you want to submit a batch of statements for a practice, you must first configure the patient statement options. This includes scenarios where the remit-to address is a PO Box; in this instance, there are two settings you need to make to ensure that your PO Box remit-to address is the one that appears on patient statements.

arrow_orange.jpgTo set patient statement options

  1. See section Patient Statement Options.

arrow_orange.jpgTo prepare patient statements

  1. Click Encounters > Send Patient Statements in the top menu.
  2. Follow the instructions provided through the wizard:
  • Step 1: Specify the criteria for which patients will receive a statement. After selecting the criteria, click Show Patients.

Send Patient Statements - Step 1.jpg


  • Step 2: This step generates a list of patients being prepared based on the criteria you entered in Step 1.
  • Step 3: Review the list of patients and information such as patient or collection alerts, date of last statement, outstanding balances and statement delivery options. To exclude a specific patient from receiving a statement, clear the checkbox to the left of the patient's name.

Send Patient Statements - Step 3.jpg

  • Send Patient Statements: Click to submit for mailing. The statements will be printed and mailed within 24 hours; you will receive a confirmation report, viewable under the Patient Statements tab of the Clearinghouse Reports.
  • Save to File: To save the information to your computer before submitting, click Save to File and follow the prompts.
  • Print Patient Statements: Click to print statements. Statements will open using Adobe Reader and are then ready to send to your printer.