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Merge Insurance Companies

If you have multiple entries of the same insurance company, you can easily merge them using this feature.

To merge insurance companies

  1. Click Settings > Insurance > Merge Insurance Company.
  2. Locate the insurance companies to be merged and review the information for each. See below.
  3. Click OK to merge.

  1. In the Look For search bar, enter all or part of the name of an insurance company. Search by specific fields to locate duplicate entries.
  2. Once you've located the insurance company to be merged with another, click on it to highlight and then click Add to Selection. This adds the insurance company to the lower section of the window. Repeat this step for all insurance company listings you want to merge.
  3. Once you have selected the companies that are to be merged together as one, click Merge. This opens the Merge Insurance Companies Detail window.

  1. The companies you selected are in the top section. To remove a company from this list, click once to highlight it and click Remove at the bottom. You can also click Cancel to exit the merge process.
  2. Click once on a company to highlight it. Then click GeneralPaper Claims and Electronic Claims tab to review the information in the bottom section
  3. Click OK to merge all insurance companies in the top section.
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