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Enroll for Electronic Insurance Services

Kareo makes it easy to submit claims and other transactions electronically. Once an insurance company is added to your Kareo account submit enrollment requests to insurance companies through our Enrollment Wizard. Even if you've used electronic services with insurance companies in the past, you must complete the enrollment process in Kareo.

Before enrolling for electronic services, the insurance company must first be added to your Kareo account, and the service status must display as Available. Enrollment is performed at the provider billing NPI level and can only be completed by a user with the role of System Administrator, Provider, or Biller. 

Note: Enrollment information is not saved until the process is fully completed. If you're interrupted during the enrollment process or cannot complete it, click X in the upper-right corner of each window to completely exit the Enrollment Wizard, then begin again when ready. 

Navigate to Enrollments 

Click Settings on the top menu and select Enrollments. The Enrollments dashboard opens.

PM navigate to enrollments dashboard.png

Enroll for Electronic Services

An enrollment request can be submitted for any electronic service status that displays Available.

  1. Click the +Add Insurance down-arrow in the upper right of the window and select Enroll Insurance. The Enrollments Setup wizard opens.

PM enrollments phase 2 1.png

Review Practice

  1. Review the practice and provider information for accuracy.
    Note: Medicare and Medicaid require this information to match what they currently have on file.
  2. If necessary, click the Practice Settings or User Settings links in the middle of the window to edit practice or provider information.
    Note: Changes made to your settings will not be applied to any enrollments already in progress.
  3. Click Next if practice and provider information is correct. The Transfer of Authorization window opens.

PM enrollments phase 2 2.png

Transfer of Authorization

The Transfer of Authorization form helps expedite the enrollment process by authorizing Kareo to sign insurance company EDI agreements on your behalf. Only one form is needed per TIN/NPI, however, if your practice has multiple providers who only bill under individual NPIs, each provider will need to sign a Transfer of Authorization form.

  1. Click Download and Proceed to download the Transfer of Authorization form. Follow the instructions to complete and return the form as quickly as possible.
  2. Click Skip if you have previously completed the Transfer of Authorization form. The Electronic Insurances window opens.

PM enrollments phase 2 3.png

Add Electronic Insurances

  1. Insurance companies on your account that are ready for electronic services enrollment display in the middle of the window. Click + or anywhere on the insurance company listing to add it to the Selected Insurances list.
  2. Select the services you'd like to enroll for with each payer. Options include Claims, Eligibility, and ERAs.
  • Check a transaction box to select enrollment.
  • Pre-checked boxes indicate transactions that are automatically included by the payer without additional enrollment requirements.
  • Some payers may not support all three transactions. If a transaction is not displayed, it is not available.
  • When no transaction boxes are pre-checked for a payer, a red Please make a selection notice displays.
  1. Click the X to remove an insurance company from the list.
  2. Click Next when finished. The Practice/Group Questions window opens.

PM enrollments phase 2 4.png

Practice/Group Questions

Answer questions about your practice, group, and previous billing software application.

  1. (Does not apply to all insurance companies) Some insurance companies require additional information to process enrollment requests. (e.g., Medicare requires a PTAN number.) If prompted, enter your group number or payer-assigned provider number and click Next.
    Note: Enrollment with the insurance company cannot proceed without the required information.
  2. Click Yes or No to indicate whether you previously billed the insurance companies in this enrollment set electronically.
  3. Enter the name of the primary clearinghouse you used with your previous software application.
  4. Click Yes or No to indicate whether you previously received ERAs from the insurance companies in this enrollment set using your former software.
  5. Click Yes or No to indicate whether you are currently credentialed/contracted with the insurance companies in this enrollment set.
  • If you answered No, an additional question appears. Click Yes or No to indicate if you are registered as a Non-par.
  • If you answered No, an additional question appears. Click Yes or No to indicate if you submitted and registered your W-9.
  1. Click Next when finished.

PF enroll electronic services 5.png

Review and Submit Enrollment Information

  1. Review all sections in the enrollment request for accuracy.
  2. To make changes to your information, click Back at the bottom of the window to return to previous sections of the Enrollments Setup wizard.
  3. If the enrollment information is correct, click Save to submit your request for processing. The Enrollments dashboard reopens.

Statuses for each electronic service display on the Enrollments dashboard. Learn more about each status in our Electronic Services Enrollment Statuses article.

Note: Please allow 24 hours for enrollment status updates to display on the Enrollments dashboard.

PM enrollments phase 2 5.png

Important Next Step for Self-Enrolled Customers

Some insurance companies require completion of additional enrollment agreements for electronic claim transactions. If you are a self-enrolled customer, once you've submitted your enrollment request through Kareo, visit our Payers and Agreements page to find payer-specific enrollment information. Then download, print, and mail the necessary agreements to your providers.

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