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Anesthesia Services

If you are billing for anesthesia services, there are specific settings that must first be configured within Kareo PM so that the charges will be correctly calculated on the encounter. These settings are made in two areas:

  1. On the contract and associated fee schedule that govern charges being billed to specific payers.
  2. On the Encounter window, Procedures section.

To configure anesthesia services settings on an existing contract

  1. Click Settings > Contracts and Fees.
  2. Click the Standard Fees tab or the Contract Rates tab to see a list of schedules for your practice.
  3. Use the Status Filter if necessary to sort the list.
  4. Once you find the schedule, click on the name to open it.
  5. Click Modify Time Increment.
  6. Enter the default time increment in minutes. This establishes the "Base Unit".
    Note: Refer to CPT Coding Book for proper Anesthesia minutes.
  7. Click Save & Submit.

Anesthesia Services - Modify Time Increment.jpg

To configure anesthesia settings on the procedures grid

  1. On the Encounter window, scroll to the Procedures section.
  2. If the Minutes column does not already appear on the Procedures grid, be sure to add it:
  • Right-click anywhere on the Procedures grid and select Customize.
  • Click on Minutes and drag it to the header row of the procedures grid, just before the Units column. Note that this is not a global setting; each user must customize their Procedures grid.

Kareo PM determines that a procedure is anesthesia-related by the Type of Service (TOS) entered on the procedure line, namely "7-Anesthesia". If you are using the procedure codes list provided within Kareo PM, the TOS field has been pre-set for you. If you have added anesthesia-related procedure codes to your code database, you must be sure that the TOS field of the procedure code has been set to 7-Anesthesia; see section New Procedure Code.

Once configured, enter an anesthesia-related procedure code and then the minutes. Kareo PM will automatically calculate and display the correct charges.

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