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Practice Setup Wizard

With the Practice Setup Wizard, setting up a practice takes about 30 minutes or less. This wizard will guide you in completing all necessary data fields for setting up a practice so that you can quickly begin the billing process.

The setup wizard will launch if:

  • You sign into Kareo PM and have no practices set up.
  • You want to add a practice to your company.
  • You select an existing practice for which the setup was not completed.

arrow_orange.jpgTo add a practice

  1. Click Settings > Company > New Practice.
  2. The Practice Setup Wizard will launch.
  3. The setup wizard takes you through the following steps:
  • Start: Identifies what information you will need to have on hand in order to complete the setup.
  • Practice: Guides you in entering the EIN, NPI and billing address.
  • Locations: Guides you in entering the billing addresses for service locations.
  • Providers: Guides you in entering the SSN, NPI and primary address for providers who provide billable services.

Note: If you need to exit out of the setup wizard at any time, the information you entered will be saved.

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