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Access Kareo Telemedicine and Settings

Updated: 04/09/2020
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Kareo offers built in telemedicine so you can see your patients over secure video with full reimbursement for follow-up and minor urgent care. Set up Kareo Telemedicine to configure your profile and start scheduling appointments.

Note: Telemedicine is only supported in Chrome.

Access Telemedicine

The telemedicine sidebar is visible for providers in the Platform on the Dashboard and the Calendar pages.

  1. Hover over the blue camera icon and click TELEMEDICINE SIDEBAR to open. The Telemedicine window opens in the sidebar.
Billing_Telemedicine_ SidebarHover.png
  1. Click Sign in on the upper right of the sidebar. The TELEMEDICINE Sign In window opens.

Billing_Telemedicine_ SignIn.png

  1. Enter the Email Address and Password. Then, click Sign In. The Profile window opens in the sidebar.
    • If the password cannot be recalled, click Forgot your password? and follow the instructions on the Forgot your password? page to reset the password.
Billing_Telemedicine_ CredentialsSignIn.png

Telemedicine Menu

Open the Telemedicine menu to view appointments, access settings, download the video app, get online help, or to log out.

  1. Access and sign into Telemedicine. The Profile window opens in the sidebar.
  2. Click TELEMEDICINE MENU on the bottom left of the sidebar. The menu opens. 


Billing_Telemedicine_ Menu.png
  1. Select the appropriate menu option as needed: Appointments, Practice Settings, User Settings, to Download Video App, Need Help?, or Logout.  

Practice Settings

Add a Practice Logo for patient facing communications and set up Self-Pay Rates.

  1. Open the Telemedicine menu and click Practice Settings. The Practice Settings window opens in the sidebar.
  2. To add a practice logo, click Edit. Then, drag and drop an image into the window or click on Click to Upload a file and click Save.
  3. To set up self-pay rates, click on Click here to Add, Remove or Edit. The Telemedicine Portal opens in a new window.
  1. Click the Rates tab.
    Note: If necessary, the practice logo and information can be edited under the Information tab.
    1. Select a common procedure code from the Description drop-down menu or enter a new description to add a custom appointment type.
    2. Enter the Self-pay Rate.
    3. Click Add.
    4. If necessary, repeat the steps for additional appointment types.
    5. Refresh the Telemedicine sidebar in Kareo for the changes to reflect.

User Settings

Add a profile picture for patient facing communications.

  1. Open the Telemedicine menu and click User Settings. The User Settings window opens in the sidebar.
  2. To add a profile picture, drag and drop an image into the window or click on Click to Upload a file.
  3. Select a Practitioner Type from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click Save.

Download Video App

Download the video app for Windows. 

  1. Open the Telemedicine menu and click Download Video App. The Set up Video App window opens in the sidebar.
  2. Follow the instructions and click I've Installed It! when finished.


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