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Sign Up for Kareo Telemedicine

Updated: 04/06/2020
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Kareo offers built in telemedicine so you can see your patients over secure video with full reimbursement for follow-up and minor urgent care. 

Only completed and confirmed visits are billed. There is no charge for reschedules, no-shows or cancelations. For more information, see Telemedicine FAQs.

Note: Telemedicine is only supported in Chrome.

Sign Up for Telemedicine

The telemedicine sidebar is visible for providers in the Platform on the Dashboard and the Calendar pages.

  1. Hover over the blue camera icon and click TELEMEDICINE SIDEBAR to open and learn more about how Kareo Telemedicine works.
Billing_Telemedicine_ SidebarHover.png
  1. Click START TODAY to agree to the Terms of Use. The Activation window opens in the sidebar.

Billing_Telemedicine_ StartToday.png

  1. Click Done to close the sidebar. A welcome email will be sent in the next 2 business days.

Activate Telemedicine

The activation process has started. When the welcome email is received, follow the activation steps below.

  1. Click ACTIVATE NOW from the welcome email.


  1. A window will open and prompt you to set a password for Kareo Telemedicine.
    1. When finished, click Submit.
  1. Click Get Started to start the Telemedicine Training.
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