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Review Patient Collections

Patient Collections allows you to view patient balances, track your practice's collection activity, take payments, and access the patient's account history. This section of the system is accessible to users with the role of System Administrator or Biller.

Access Patient Collections

Hover over the Billing icon on the top menu and click Patient Collections. The Patient Collections window opens and patients with an account balance display.


Review Patient Collections

  1. Click a category on the left menu to view patient balances by status.
  2. Click the drop-down menu options to filter patient balances within a status:
    • Sort: Select Patient Balance, Patient Name (default), Date of Service, or Date of Last Statement. Click once to view ascending order (up arrow displays) or twice for descending order (down arrow displays).
    • Last Statement: Select <30 days ago (default) or a different time period
    • Balance: Select All (default) or a different dollar amount
  3. Search for a patient balance by entering a patient name or encounter number in the search box.
  4. Each patient balance in the list shows the date of service, encounter ID number, balance amount, unapplied dollar amount, and number of procedures.
  5. Click on a patient balance in the list to view the number of days since the last statement was sent and the number of times a statement was sent to the patient.
  6. Click the Collect Payment drop-down to take a patient payment or view the patient's account history.




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