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Charge Capture Quick Code Import (Mobile App)

Use Kareo Quick Code Import to digitally upload ICD and CPT codes from a Superbill using an iPhone or iPad. Uploaded codes are automatically saved as Coding Favorites and can be quickly referenced on Kareo Web and Mobile apps. 

To Use Quick Code Import 

  1. Open the Kareo app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap the Kareo K in the upper left of the Dashboard. The main menu opens.
  3. Tap Settings. The Settings screen opens.

KMB quick code import1.png

  1. Tap Coding Favorites. The Coding Favorites screen opens.
  2. Tap Import Favorites. The Quick Code Import instructions open.

KMB quick code import2.png

  1. Swipe left to read directions and reach the Ready, set, code! screen.
  2. Choose an option to scan a blank Superbill for codes:
  • Tap Capture Superbill and use your device's camera to take a photo of a Superbill. Place the Superbill on a contrasting background and aim the camera at the Superbill until the scan is complete.
  • Tap Upload Superbill and select an existing Superbill image from your photo album.
  1. Tap to indicate if the image is an ICD9 Superbill or ICD10 Superbill. Kareo scans the Superbill and the Review Scan screen opens.

KMB quick code import3.png

  1. Codes successfully imported appear in green.  
    Note: Custom codes are not highlighted in green but may have been captured correctly.
  2. To edit a code, zoom in and tap on the code. Type the correct code and tap to select it from the Possible Codes list. The updated code is highlighted green. 
  3. Tap Continue when finished. A summary of successfully captured codes displays.
  4. Click Save. The Coding Favorites screen opens. Saved codes appear under the appropriate favorites list.

KMB quick code import4.png


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