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Charge Capture (Mobile App)

Mobile Charge Capture allows you to enter charges on an iPhone or iPad. This function is encouraged for Kareo Billing practices not using an integrated EHR that want to capture charges at the point of service or immediately after.

Open a New Charge 

  1. Open the Kareo App on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap the Kareo K in the upper left of the Dashboard. The main menu opens.
  3. Tap Charges on the main menu. The Charges screen opens.

A new charge can also be initiated by tapping on a patient appointment on the Dashboard and tapping +Charge on the bottom of the Appointment Details screen.


KMB mobile charge capture1.png

Enter Visit Details 

  1. Tap + in the upper right of the Charges screen. The Visit Details screen opens.
  2. Tap Patient.
  3. Tap to search for an existing patient by First Name or Last Name.
  4. Enter the patient's first or last name in the search field.
  5. Tap to select the patient from the auto-populated list.
  6. Note: To enter information for a patient not saved in Kareo, tap Add New Patient.


KMB mobile charge capture 2a.png

  1. Tap Date of Service to select a different date than displayed. Tap Done
  2. Tap Provider and select a provider from the list. Tap Done
  3. If the practice has multiple offices, tap Location and select from the list. Tap Done
  4. Tap +Document and select Take a Photo, Upload from Album, or Select Existing Document to add a document image (optional).
  5. Tap Next. The Diagnoses screen opens.
  6. Optional: Tap Save at any time in the process to keep the charge and access it later on your iPhone or iPad. The charge displays on the Charges screen with an In Progress status.
    Note: Charges are not saved to Kareo’s cloud until submitted. If the Kareo App is removed from the device, In Progress charges are erased.

KMB mobile charge capture 3a.png

Add Diagnoses

  1. Click +Diagnosis. The Add Diagnosis screen opens.
  2. Tap to search by ICD-10 or ICD-9→ICD-10 code or description. Favorited codes display with an orange star below.
  3. Tap to select a diagnosis favorite. 
  4. To find a code, enter the code number or description in the Search for an ICD-10/ICD-9 Code bar. Tap the applicable code in the auto-populated results. The Diagnoses screen reopens and the selected code displays in ICD-10 format.
  5. Codes added as ICD-9 display under the mapped ICD-10 code. 
  6. The green icon indicates an ICD-9 code was successfully mapped to ICD-10.
  7. Tap the blue icon to map an ICD-10 code to ICD-9.
  8. Tap +Diagnosis to add another diagnosis code.
  9. Tap Edit to remove a code or rearrange the list.
  10. Tap Next once all diagnoses are added. The Procedures screen opens.


KMB mobile charge capture 4.png

Enter Procedures and Modifiers

  1. Click +Procedure on the Procedures screen. The Add CPT/HCPCS Code screen opens. Favorited Procedure codes display.
  2. Tap Filter to refine code results. Select an option for All CPT, HCPCS, or E&M.
  3. Tap to select a Procedure from Favorites.
  4. To search for a code, enter the code number or description in the top search bar. Tap the applicable Procedure in the auto-populated results.
  5. The Map to screen opens.


KMB mobile charge capture add procedure 1.png

  1. Tap Quantity and enter  value.
  2. Tap Unit Charge and enter a value.
  3. Tap Total. The calculated total displays.
  4. Click Manage Modifiers. The Modifiers screen opens. 
  5. Tap to add a Modifier from the Custom Modifiers list, or enter a number or description in the top search bar to search for a Modifier.
  6. Tap the red icon to remove a Modifier.
  7. Add up to four Modifiers, and tap Done. The Map to screen reopens.
  8. Tap to map one or more diagnoses to the Procedure.
  9. Click Done. The Procedures screen reopens and the added Procedure displays.

KMB mobile charge capture add procedure 2.png

  1. Tap +Procedure to add another Procedure.
  2. Tap to open a Current Procedure and edit mapping details.
  3. Tap Edit to remove a Current Procedure or rearrange the list order.
  4. Tap Review when finished adding Procedures. The Review screen opens.

KMB mobile charge capture add procedure 3.png

Review and Submit Charge

  1. Review Visit Details, Diagnoses, and Procedures entered for the charge.
  2. Tap Edit on the right of a section to make changes.
  3. Touch Tap to edit and enter additional information about the charge. (Optional)
  4. Tap Submit in the upper right of the screen. The charge is validated for errors.
  5. If errors are detected, a red banner displays with details. Make noted corrections and click Submit.
  6. The successfully submitted charge displays on the Charges screen with a Pending Approval status.

KMB review and submit charge.png


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