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Upload Daily Document Batch

Uploading documents into Kareo is an easy way to transfer information to the Managed Billing Team. Documents should be scanned and saved to your computer in one of four batch types (Charges, Payments, A/R, or Copay) and then uploaded into Kareo at the end of each day. 

Upload a Daily Document Batch 

  1. Scan all related pages (including the appropriate cover sheet for the batch type) and save them in a single file and save it on your computer. 
    Note: Scan pages at minimum resolution and save in PDF or TIFF format. No more than 50 pages should be included per file to minimize the opportunity for scanning errors. Once scanning is complete, review the document to verify page count and ensure pages are legible.
  • A Charge batch should include:
    • All patient demographics (including copies of patient IDs, insurance cards, authorizations and referrals)
    • All paper superbills or hospital rounds sheets
    • Corresponding appointment or daily copay log
    • Charges Cover Sheet
  • A Payment batch should include:
    • All paper payment correspondence (EOBs) from insurance and patients
    • Copies of paper checks from insurance payers and patients
    • Payment batch tally for the above items
    • Refund Requests
    • EOB Cover Sheet
  • An A/R batch should include:
    • Any non-payment claim correspondence from insurance received through the mail
    • Signed insurance settlement agreements
    • Any request for medical record requests pertaining to an open claim
    • MISC Cover Sheet
  • Copay batch should include:
    • Daily copay log (for practices submitting electronic charges and demographics)
    • OTC Copay Log
  1. Hover over the Platform icon and select Documents. The Documents page opens.
  2. Click Upload Billing Document in the upper right of the page. The Upload Billing Document window opens.
  1. Click to select the appropriate document batch Type. Batch requirement reminders display on the right based on the selection.
  2. Drag and drop the scanned file from your desktop or click Browse for files and upload the file from your computer.
  3. Click Upload. The Upload Billing Document window closes and the Documents page reopens.
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