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Navigate the Charges Window

As part of the billing workflow, the Charges window allows you to view and track charges generated in the practice. This section of the system is accessible to users with the System Administrator or Biller roles.

Access the Charges Window

Hover over the Billing icon on the top menu and click Charges. The Charges window opens.



Navigate the Charges Window

  1. Click the filter drop-down arrows to narrow results.
    • Sort: Choose to order charges by Date of Service (default), Patient Name (alphabetical order), Charge Amount, or Provider Name (alphabetical order). Click once to view ascending order (up arrow displays) or twice for descending order (down arrow displays).
    • Provider: View charges for a specific provider or All Providers (default).
  2. Click a status on the left menu to view associated charges.
    • All Charges: Displays all charges submitted by the practice, including those that are approved or pending approval.
    • Pending Approval: Opens by default. Displays charges submitted to the biller that are pending review.
    • Approved by Biller: Charges approved by the biller that have been, or will be, sent to payers.
  3. Enter a patient name or encounter ID in the search box to look for a specific charge.
  4. Charges for the selected status or search result display in the middle of the window. Each list item details the Date of Service, Encounter ID number, Patient, Provider, amount charged, and Procedure Codes.
  5. Click +New Charge in the upper right of the window to capture a new charge electronically.




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