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Navigate Charges

Updated: 12/16/2020
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As part of the billing workflow, the Charges page allows users with the System Administrator or Biller role to view and track charges generated in the practice. You can find and view a charge for details that include patient demographics, insurance(s), procedures, and notes.

Navigate Charges

  1. Hover over the Billing icon on the top menu and click Charges. The Charges page opens.
  2. If desired, search for the charge.
    1. Use the filters to narrow the list of charges.
      • Sort: Defaults to Date of Service. Click to select Patient Name (alphabetical order), Charge Amount, or Provider Name (alphabetical order) from the drop-down menu. Select once to view ascending order (up arrow displays) or twice for descending order (down arrow displays).
      • Provider: Defaults to All. Click to select a specific provider from the drop-down menu.
    2. Click on a status tab to view associated charges.
      • All Charges: Displays all charges submitted by the practice, including those that are approved or pending approval.
      • Pending Approval (Default): Displays charges submitted to the biller that are pending review.
      • Approved by Biller: Charges approved by the biller that have been, or will be, sent to payers.
    3. Enter the patient name or encounter ID in the search box and select it from the auto-populated results.
  3. To view charge details, find the charge in the list and click to open it. The Charge page opens.
  1. Review the charge details: patient demographics, Case, Provider, Charge Summary and notes sent to and from the biller. Then, click OK when finished to return to the Charges page.


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