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Enter a New Charge

Kareo Charge Capture offers quick and easy electronic charge entry. This function is available to users who have been assigned the System Admin or Biller role. Providers who wish to enter charges must also be assigned with one of these roles. 

Access the Charges Window

Hover over the Billing icon and select Charges. The Charges window opens.


Enter a New Charge 

  1. Click +New Charge in the upper right of the window. The New Charge window opens.
  2. Enter the patient's name in the Find Patient field and select it from the auto-populated results.


Review Patient and Provider Details

  1. Review the auto-populated patient demographics.
  2. Select which case to bill if the patient has multiple active cases. Click the > arrow to select the next case. Click the < arrow to select the previous case.
  3. Select the Rendering Provider and Location from the drop-down lists. The Place of Service populates based on the selected location.
  4. Click Show More to select a Referring Provider, Supervising Provider, or Scheduling Provider.


Add Procedure

  1. The Date of Service fields default to the current date. Click in the Date of Service fields to change the date, if necessary.
  2. Click in the Procedure field. Saved code favorites display. Select a code favorite or enter the first characters of the code number or description and select from the auto-populated list. 
  3. Enter up to four applicable modifiers.
  4. Enter a Unit Charge and Unit count. The Total Charge auto-calculates and displays on the right.
  5. Click in the ICD-9 or ICD-10 field. Saved code favorites display. Select a code favorite or enter the first characters of the diagnosis code number or description and select from the auto-populated list. Up to four diagnosis codes may be entered for the procedure.
  6. If an ICD-9 code is entered, click the green conversion arrow icon and select the appropriate ICD-10 code in the mapping results.
  7. Click Add to Charge when finished. A green Procedure Added confirmation appears and the procedure displays below in the Charge Summary section.

Repeat steps to add more procedures to the charge, as necessary.


Review Added Procedures

Review the procedures in the Charge Summary section.

  1. Click the arrows to move a procedure up or down in the list. 
  2. Click the buttons on the right of the procedure line to modify information.
    • Edit: Open the procedure line to make changes to the information.
    • Copy: Duplicate the Date of Service and diagnosis code(s) into the Add Procedure section to add another procedure to the charge.
    • Delete: Remove the procedure from the charge.
  3. Click to included additional ICD-9 or ICD-10 codes.

Enter Notes for the Biller

  1. Enter additional charge information in the Write a note for this charge... field. (Optional)


Check Codes and Send to Biller

  1. Click Check Codes to perform a code validation.
    • If a red error alert displays at the top of the window, click Edit on the right of the charge in the Charge Summary section and correct the error. Click Check Codes once the error is fixed.
    • A green No Issues Found notification appears at the top of the page when charges are validated.
  2. When all codes have been validated, click Send to Biller. A green confirmation message displays and the charge appears in the Charges window under Pending Approval.


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