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TriZetto Data Center Migration FAQs

Answers to the most common questions regarding the TriZetto Data Center Migration.




Why and when is the TriZetto Data Center Migration going to occur? TriZetto will be moving to a cloud-based data center. This will increase speed, promote consistent and reliable storage capabilities - all while facilitating higher levels of security.

During the migration, TriZetto will be unavailable starting March 14, 2019 at 11:59 PM CDT until approximately March 17, 2019 at 11:59 PM.
I have submitted a claim after 11:59 PM CDT March 14th. What can I expect to see during this time? There will be minimal delay in processing. All claims will be held internally within Kareo as TriZetto works to implement the new data center. All claims will be processed March 18th which means there may be a delay in the status of your claims updating.

To avoid duplicate claim rejections, please do not resubmit claims that have not been processed by TriZetto.
I’m expecting ERA or other Clearinghouse reports. What can I expect to see due to the outage? Since there will be no file transmission starting at 11:59 PM CDT on Thursday March 14th until approximately 11:59 PM CDT on Sunday March 17th, all expected files will be available through Kareo starting March 18th. 
I have submitted or need to submit a request for Patient Eligibility. What can I expect to see during this time? 98% of eligibility checks will return successfully during this time.

In rare cases, you might receive a "Request is valid but rejected" or similar message. If you receive an error, eligibility will need to be rechecked when TriZetto is available. Or, contact the payer directly to determine the patient's eligibility.
I need to check Proof of Timely Filing. What can I expect to see during this time? The Proof of Timely Filing feature will be unavailable during the migration. You might receive an error message during this time.

POTF can be generated once TriZetto is available.


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