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Messages Settings

Updated: 05/20/2022
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The Message Center allows users within a practice to communicate with each other and to receive and reply to Patient Portal messages. If desired, you can choose to be notified via email every time you are messaged.

You always navigate to the Messages window, also known as the Message Center, to make changes to the Messages Settings.

Navigate to Messages Settings

  1. Click Tasks & Messages > View Messages in the top menu. The Messages window opens.
    Note: The Messages window is also known as the Message Center.
    Tip_Icon.pngTip: For faster navigation, click Messages under the Navigation Shortcuts or press Shift+F12 on your keyboard.
  2. Click Settings. The Messages Settings window opens.
  1. Make the desired changes to the settings:
    Note: These settings are user specific.
    • Patient Portal: Selected by default and requires Kareo Clinical subscription. Click to clear this option to no longer have future Patient Portal messages and replies appear in the Inbox.
    • Notifications: Click to select this option to also receive email alerts every time a message is received.
  2. Click Save.
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