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Updated: 12/09/2019
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Kareo provides a messaging system that enables users within a practice to easily and securely send messages to one another. This includes messaging between the Kareo Desktop Application (PM), Kareo Clinical (EHR), and mobile applications. Patient messages can also be received and replied to within the messaging system. To initiate a new patient message, use the Patient Portal.

Navigate and View Messages

  1. Click Tasks & Messages > View Messages in the top menu. The Messages window opens.
    Tip_Icon.pngTip: For faster navigation, click Messages under the Navigation Shortcuts or press Shift+F12 on your keyboard.
  2. Navigate Messages:
    1. Messages navigation shortcut: A number in parentheses indicates the number of new messages. 
    2. Click Messages Settings to enable the following message features.
      Note: These settings are user specific.
      • Patient Portal: Click to select this option for Patient Portal messages to appear in the Inbox
      • Notifications: Click to select this option to also receive email alerts every time a message is received.
    3. Click New Message to create a new message.
    4. Click on a tab to view messages in your Inbox, and those that are Flagged, Sent, or Archived.
    5. A gray circled number indicates the number of unread messages.
    6. Click on a message to view the details and take the appropriate actions.
    7. Click to flag the message as important. Flagged messages also displays under the To Do List on the Dashboard. 
    8. Click to archive the message. Messages cannot be deleted, but archiving them removes them from the Inbox and saves them under the Archived tab.
    9. If applicable, click to view an attached Patient, Document, or Encounter referenced in the message.
    10. Enter a reply to the message.
    11. Add Reference: Attach a Document (up to 10MB in size), Encounter, or Patient in reference to the reply.
    12. Click Send to send the reply.
    13. If applicable, click the left and right arrows to navigate to additional pages of messages.


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