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Nurse Practitioner as Scheduling Provider

To avoid a claim rejection regarding services rendered by a Nurse Practitioner

If a Nurse Practitioner is not credentialed with the payer, but an MD is supervising the practitioner's services, the Nurse Practitioner should be entered on the encounter in the "Scheduling Provider" field and the MD in the "Rendering Provider" field:

  1. Click Encounters > New Encounter on the top menu.
  2. Under the Provider section, select the Scheduling Provider and Rendering Provider from the drop down menus. 

Note: If you input a Nurse Practitioner into the “Scheduling Provider” field on the encounter, this information will not be transmitted to the insurance company on the claim form. However, you will be able to run internal reports in Kareo based on the Scheduling Provider to see what encounters or services that this scheduling provider was associated with.