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How soon can I start submitting claims?

You can begin submitting claims to any pre-approved payers once you receive email confirmation that you have been enrolled with the clearinghouse.

For any payers that require an agreement, an approval must be given before sending claims. We highly recommend that you follow up with the payers to obtain approval status rather than waiting.

Once you received the email approval from the payer to submit e-claims, configure your insurance company settings properly. See below.

  1. Settings > Insurance > Search and Open the Insurance Company.
  2. Go to tab: Electronic Claims.
    1. ​Check the box, "this payer accepts electronic claims."
    2. Select your Clearinghouse
    3. Click on Electronic Payer Connection box and enter Payer ID.
  3. Go to tab: Practice Settings.
    1. ​Ensure Enrollment Status is set to "Enrolled in Live Mode."
    2. If applicable, ensure the box is checked for "Electronic Secondary Billing."
    3. Ensure box "Disable Electronic Claims" for this payer is unchecked.