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How do I add additional provider numbers from payers for electronic claims?

To add additional provider numbers from payers for electronic claims

Create an override for the provider record to add payer-specific numbers.

  1. Settings > Providers > Search and Open Provider > Claims Settings Tab
  2. Either Click on Payer listed in Override Box or Add New Payer using ADD button at the right.
  3. Enter or Review Information.
  4. Ensure “Show Advanced Settings” is checked.
  5. Scroll down to last two charts for "Advanced E-Claim Settings."
  • For additional INDIVIDUAL provider numbers, go to top box.
  • For additional GROUP provider numbers, go to bottom box.
  1. Select the Number Type* then enter the number to the right in the Value section.
  2. Review and be sure to save all the way out (2 times).

*Number Types are generated from an industry standardized list. If you do not know what number type to select, best to check with the payer what qualifier (2 digits) they approve on claims.

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