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Track Claims

You can track and manage claims directly through the Find Claims window.

arrow_orange.jpgTo track and manage claims

  1. Click Encounters > Track Claim Status in the top menu. The Find Claim window will open.


Track Claims.jpg


  1. Sort and search claims by their status:  
  • All claims
  • Ready to Print Paper Claims - Claims ready to be printed and sent on paper.
  • Electronic Claims to Submit - Claims ready to submit electronically.
  • Ready for Patient Statements - Patient statements ready to send.
  • Rejections - Claims that have not been either delivered or accepted by the payer.
  • Denials - Claims that have been delivered but which have been denied by the payer.
  • No Response - Claims for which no response was received by the payer within the contractual time frame.
    Note: Kareo filters unpaid claims from "Pending Insurance" to "No Response" based on the e-Claims and Paper Claims No Response triggers set in your Contracts and Fees.
    • To clear the claims in this status, ensure all ERA and EOB payments have been posted. Once payment postings have been completed, each claim still under "No Response" would have to be individually investigated. If the claims have been submitted to the payer and have not adjudicated, contact the payer for further instructions.
  • Pending Insurance - Claims pending a response from insurance.
  • Pending Patient - Claims pending a response from the patient.
  • Completed - Claims that have been paid, settled, or voided.
  1. Click on a column header to sort by that header.
  2. Double-click on a claim to open it. Or select multiple claims and choose an action to apply to all: To highlight multiple claims listed in succession, click the first one, then hold the Shift key and click the last one. To highlight multiple claims in random order, select the first one, then hold the Ctrl key while selecting multiple claims.
  3. Click Action to select and perform various claim transaction. If an action is greyed out, it is not applicable due to either the claim status or because you can only apply the action to one selected claim at a time. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to initiate claim transactions for one or more claims.
  4. Other actions: Print Claims for mailing, Submit E-Claims for electronic submission or Send Statements to patients.
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