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Apply Payments to Capitated Account

To apply a payment or a portion of a payment to a capitated account, you must first create a capitated account if one has not already been set up. Once the account is created, you then select the payment that is associated with the account and apply payment.


Apply Payment

  1. Click Encounters > Find Capitated Account. The Find Capitated Account window opens.
  2. Search for the capitated account and double-click  on the account to open. The Edit Captitated Account window opens.
  1. Click Add. The Select Payment window opens.
  2. If applicable, click on the All tab.
  3. Search for and select the payment with the bonus money.
  4. Click Ok. The payment is added to the Capitated Account window.
  1. Click in the field under the Capitated Amount column and enter the amount from the payment that is capitated.
  2. Click Enter on your keyboard.
    • Additional payments may be applied by following steps 3 - 8.
  3. Click Save when finished.


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