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Reverse Patient Payment

Some situations require you to reverse a payment. For example, if a patient makes a copay at the time of service and then later finds out the insurance will cover it, you may need to reverse the payment. You can then either refund the payment to the patient or apply it later to another line of service.


Reverse Patient Payment

  1. Click Encounters > Find Payments. The Find Payment window opens.
  2. If applicable, click on the All tab.
  3. Click to clear "Show unapplied only".
  4. Search for the payment.
  5. Once you find the payment, double-click the record to open it. The Edit Payment window opens.
  1. Click the Apply tab.
  2. Click on the service line with the payment that requires reversal.
  3. Click More+ at the bottom right.
    1. If the service line has been settled, select Reopen from the drop-down and click Post.
  1. Select 1 - Payment from the drop-down.
  2. Enter the minus (-) sign and the amount you want to reverse.
  3. Click Post.

The payment will now show as reversed and remains unapplied until you refund it or apply it later to another line of service.

  1. Click Save when finished.


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