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Issue Refund

Use Refund tasks to manage refunds to insurance plans and patients for overpayment of medical claims. See also Reverse Insurance Payment or  Reverse Patient Payment.

To issue a refund

  1. Click Encounters >Find Payments.
  2. In the Look For search bar, enter all or part of a keyword to find the payment.
  3. Once you find the payment, double-click the record to open it.
  4. Click Refunds at the bottom of the window.
  5. Select "Refund Unapplied Amount."
  6. Complete the refund details: See below.
  7. Click Save.

  1. Recipient Type: Select the recipient of the refund - Patient or Insurance.
  2. Based on Recipient Type, select the patient or insurance by clicking the button.
  3. Issue Date: Select the date that the refund is being issued.
  4. Refund Method: Select how the refund is being issued.
  5. Memo: Optional. Enter a note about the refund if desired.
  6. Status: Select the status of the refund - Draft or Issued.
  7. Ref. #: Optional. Enter a tracking number for the refund (i.e.: Check number).
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